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Pineapple Friday Films. An agency for creative productions. We capture your
story in concept and image, in a way that makes an impact. In this way, we give your story even more personality and ensure that you leave a lasting impression.

We bring your story to life

We love people with an ideal. That ideal makes us look at your story differently. By looking for your deepest motive, we arrive at the emotion that matches your story. From there we create an experience that evokes the right feeling in your target group.

We bring that experience together in an impressive creative production. This can be a mix of a corporate film, documentary, or commercial; a creative concept, powerful photography, or strong social media content. Whatever form we use to get your message across, your target group will feel it in their bones.

Empathy and compassion

Because all our ideas originate from our own vision, we can execute them the best, exactly as they are in our heads. This natural synergy is our strength and sets us apart from all manufacturing companies worldwide.

Compassion, empathy, sustainability, and quality are core values we will never compromise on.

What we do

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Showreel 2.0

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Primadonna – Barbara Sloessen

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The Women’s Leadership Program

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She Flore x Jessie Jazz Vuijk

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WWF x What about plastic

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Mother Of Pearl

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Documentary Giant Leap

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Commercial Sleeworld

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Pauw x Be proud, Be you

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Who I am x Chelsea

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Love yourself starring Jessie Jazz Vuijk

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Maydien x Paradiso

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Kultivate collection 

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Crowdfunding x Jesse van der Velde

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Inner Beauty Retreat

“We dream big. We think big. We are driven because we can amplify a story that needs to be heard as one of the best. Efficient and effective, with an eye for quality and detail. With the result that it is propagated by the rest of the world.”

Our clients

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We're better together

Alone you go faster, together you get further.

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. We offer a warm home for inspirers and visionaries who can contribute to a better world, in whatever form they take.

Aïcha van de Kimmenade
Founder & Director

Pineapple Friday Films

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